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Grey Hawk Classic Craft Gin begins with carefully selected non -GMO grain and goes through a triple fractional distillation process, which means we have complete control of the quality and character of every drop.  Only when we’re satisfied that we have crafted the spirit to be as a pure, clean and crisp as the Phalaborwa sky do we move on to infusing Grey Hawk Classic Craft Gin with traditional juniper berries along with three carefully selected botanicals. Spread your wings with a craft gin that soars far above expectations. Inhale the classic aroma of juniper, lemon zest and unique herbal notes.

Our classically crafted gin is as distinctive as the cry of the beautiful raptor that inspired its creation. Grey Hawk Classic Craft Gin pairs with subtle cheeses, the smokiness of salmon or the sweet saltiness of oysters as perfectly as a pair of wings. An estimated 1000 pairs in North Eastern South Africa, mainly in the Kruger and Limpopo National Park. Often seen in the tree canopy or on cliff faces, it grips on vertical surfaces looking for holes in trees and rock crevices. Its legs bend backwards maintaining an upright balance whilst clinging to a tree trunk. When excited, its yellow face flushes red.

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