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New Grove Rum Range

Authentic Rums

Get carried by the sensuality of fruity notes and genuine oak-aged rum à la Mauricienne.

New Grove 8 Years Aged

Colour: Deep copper

Profile: Seductive, tender, sweet, rich, powerful and aromatic.

Nose: Aromas of dried fruits, jam, vanilla, spices cake and blond tobacco.

Palate: Almond

How to drink: Dry, on ice, elaborated cocktails.

We can sense the whole potential of the New Grove’s terroir in this charming and stylish rum, precisely combining power and subtleness. Voluptuous and flavourful, the finish is intense and generous.

750ml / 43%Vol


New Grove 5 Years Aged

Colour: Deep copper

Profile: Complex, strong, attractive, warm.

Nose: Aromas of macerated fruits jam.

Palate: Ananas, prunes.

How to drink: Dry, on ice, elaborated cocktails.

This full-bodied 5-year-old rum, made from an almost 200-year old first distillery recipe, truly describes the spirit of Mauritius – authentic, warm and welcoming.

750ml / 43%Vol

New Grove Oak Cask Rum

Better know International as Oak Aged Rum

Colour: Golden dress raised by coppered nuances

Profile: Smooth, sensual, complex, exotic

Nose: Ripe fruit and crystallised fruits, nuances of mild tobacco and gingerbread

Palate: Tonic and scented in the mouth: marriage of fruit and macerated grape flavours dried with nuances of spices, cinnamon and curry

How to drink: Dry, with ice, cocktails, elaborated cocktails

This exotic premium rum aged in oak barrels and delightfully aromatic is a wonderful, charming experience, just like Mauritius itself!

750ml / 43%Vol


New Grove Plantation

Colour: Colourless and crystalline dress, thick rum

Profile: Flexible, rich and frank

Nose: Sugar cane perfumes, hot sugar, elegant floral notes, black pepper and pink bay

Palate: Flexible mouth, sugar cane, spices concepts, nutmeg and black pepper

How to drink: Dry, with ice, long drinks, cocktails, elaborated cocktails

This rum represents the real “Traditional rum of Mauritius”. A Rum with character, faithful from its origin, with a rich history behind it.

750ml / 43%Vol

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